The Five Laws of Ethical Digital Human Design

Digital humans today play a part in how we live, work and manage our health, as we talk to, confide in and hold actual conversations with them.

Over the next few years, they'll slip seamlessly into virtually every part of our lives to help us in countless other ways – that is, if digital humans are designed with a set of principles in mind.

These five laws have been created to bring out the best in our digital population, as well as deter real people from designing AI to mislead, to spread fake news and to cause other types of harm and distress

... And this is just the start.

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The Five Laws:


Honesty & Transparency

Digital humans shall never pretend to be what they are not.


AI for Global Good

Digital humans should always be designed to help not harm.


Right to Privacy

Digital humans must respect the privacy of those they interact with.


Respectful Behavior

Digital humans should be designed to uphold respectful behavior.


Co-design Principles

Co-design must be utilized to avoid bias and promote diversity.

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What the experts are saying...

"Five years from now, when there are millions of digital humans accessible to us all, we’ll be glad that we created a strong foundation - a stable nucleus - on which the digital human existence can accumulate"
QuHarrison Terry
Futurist and co-founder of Inevitable Human
"Interactions between man and machine are dramatically changing, and the industry needs to establish a moral compass of ethical practices that recognize the connection digital humans have with customers"
Danny Tomsett
Founder and CEO of UneeQ